We're changing the way people view trash.

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Our mission is to change the way people view trash, particularly plastics. Through creative products made from recycled and upcycled materials, we provide local job opportunities and recreational activities for our kids and community members, while also providing an educational model to address the importance of environmental responsibility worldwide. 

Our vision is to develop La Casa Verde into a sustainable model of environmental education and awareness that can be replicated in individual communities throughout Latin America and the developing world.


Our philosophy is that real change takes place from the ground up, especially in developing countries. By focusing on education, creativity, and community involvement, we are able to address the issue of global pollution through engaging solutions that have a lasting impact not only in today’s world, but also for future generations to come.



Local Excursions
Community Recycling
Pallet Furniture
Handmade Crafts
Language Learning
School Support
Educational Trips
Mangrove Reforestation
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Volunteers are always welcome at La Casa Verde. The local children are always excited to see new faces in the community, and we thrive on the creativity and enthusiasm that each volunteer brings. In addition to taking part in our environmental initiatives, we also ask volunteers to share any other passions or interests they might have. This has resulted in a wide range of new activities being introduced into the community, including photography, yoga, music, arts and crafts, various sports, healthy cooking, and much more. It is our belief that everyone has something they can contribute, and we are extremely grateful for all the volunteers that we receive.



La Casa Verde is a partner organization of Cuentos Para Cambios, a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations for La Casa Verde are routed through Cuentos Para Cambios and are eligible for tax deductions where applicable.  Please click on one of the below donation options to learn more. 

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